How to Balance Feasting and Fasting for Optimal Health with Matt

The festive season is so much about being a time of feasting, but we have to remember that there is also time for the opposite of feasting... fasting! In this video, ingfit Fitness and Wellness Ambassador, Matt, talks about the need for balance between these two times, and gives some tips for enjoying your festive season in a healthier way!

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Ho ho ho everybody, Happy festive season, we are in the festive season there is plenty to celebrate, we just had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming, followed by the New Year’s Eve, at the moment it’s UAE National Day, everybody is in the mood of eating, drinking, feasting pretty much.

There are times of feasting and there are times of fasting, that’s what this is all about today, we already covered fasting a little bit in the last video, it is okay to feast every now and then, probably now is the time of the year when there is more feasting than usual, with already mentioned holidays, Please all don’t forget, even historically, feasting and fasting they go hand in hand, which means enjoy the time of feasting now, have food have drinks, probably think about what food and drinks you’re having though you don’t go over board all the time, but you also want to do some time of fasting in between, you can do it in between, do it afterwards, but please don’t forget about it.

Fasting is incredibly powerful to our body, lots of good things come from it, we should not just be feasting, fasting has gotten a bit of bad reputation , in the time of overconsumption when everybody is saying you should eat, every one two three four five six hours, so many times a day, fasting is powerful, it’s good for our body, it gives our body time to deal with what we have already eaten, it’s very important.

Please also make sure how you’re feeling during a fast, especially women, it might be a bit different for you, also depending on your menstrual cycle, if you don’t feel well, not just for women but this is for everybody, if you don’t feel well, that's the beauty about fasting you can always always put an end to it by just eating something.

It is mainly a mostly a mind thing I would argue but again what I'm saying is not be to be taken as medical advice, this is what I have learned, this is what I'm constantly learning pretty much on a daily basis and therefore I am willing to share this is and hopefully give you some ideas some insights that can help and encourage you.

Again, happy festive season, enjoy the feasting, don't forget the fasting and I'll see you around next year. Ho ho ho!

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