Hacks for Lowering Blood Glucose with Lauren Brush

This month, ingfit has a strong focus on diabetes. Now, while not everyone here has diabetes, because we are into keto and primal health, it’s safe to assume that controlling our carb intake/blood sugar levels is top of our agenda! Not only does this improve our overall health and wellbeing – especially for many of us women who struggle from PCOS/insulin resistance – but healthy blood sugar levels also play an important part in our body composition.

Lauren has managed her PCOS for many, many years and having diabetes run in her family, she is no stranger to working hard to keep her blood sugar levels in check! In this video she shares a few ways she does this.

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Hey guys, how are you? I’m here today to talk to you about blood sugar levels and we’re talking a lot about diabetes this month at ingfit so I thought it would be something that we should have a discussion about, blood sugars are something that are a very important part of my overall diet, not only does controlling your blood sugar help with your overall health and your body composition but I do know that there’s a lot of people out there who may be pre-diabetic they have insulin resistance or maybe they have PCOS like me, so I wanted to share with you some tips on what’s worked for me and what I’ve learnt throughout this process and this journey, I’m sure if you’re here too, you care a lot about living a low carb lifestyle or a primal health lifestyle so I’m sure this is something that we are all equally invested in.

A couple things that worked for me actually I think it goes without saying that my diet really focuses around clean whole food, I don’t eat a lot of sugars, cakes, donuts, candy, just you know kind of basic knowledge but if I do want something sweet that is where I turn to ingfit, lots of good goodies there that are sweeten things like stevia or monk fruit those are my go tos they don’t upset my stomach and I do know that they don’t have an impact on my blood sugars.

So, how do I know this? Well my coach and I actually did a little experiment and I put a continuous blood glucose monitor on the back of my arm for two weeks, just so I could get a better understanding of what would be impacting my blood sugar levels, again I have PCOS and diabetes runs in my family so this is something that I was really really wanting to get handle of and also I was trying to change my body composition so I learned that there were things that I think were save, they were actually not safe.

Things like sugar free candies or mints, that’s are no sugar added they actually add some nasty sugar substitutes and my blood sugar spikes not only did they spike but if you’re able to deal with blood sugar levels healthfully your body can actually bring that spike rather down quickly and that was the case for the most part but when it came to those weird ingredients and sugar free things like electolyte tablets or vitamin c tabs it kept my blood sugars really really high so that’s why I would really recommend sticking to things like stevia or monk fruit, ingfit has a really great stevia, liquid stevia that comes in a lot of different flavors and I put this in my coffee, sometimes I put it in my sparkling water and it is like soda.

Another thing that I do is I try to eat complex carbs so I don’t need carbs very often but when I do train on my hard training days I add some complex carbs into my diet, so what does that mean that is stuff like that’s just one ingredient like sweet potato or rice, something that is really really heavy in fiber and so it’s slow digesting into your body.

So, that is another thing that I do. And the third thing, speaking of fiber, is that I really try to incorporate fibers, vegetables as much as I can into each of my meals, so everything from steamed broccoli to green beans, I put everything in my air frier as well, broccoli included, my favorite is frozen okra with some coconut oil or olive oil and then I season it up with chili powder and salt and pepper and I swear it can taste like french fries, I’ve told this to a lot of my friends and they think that I’m crazy but it’s really crispy and it kind of feels like a treat.

So, those are my go tos, that’s all for me today guys, thank you so much for listening in and I’ll see you soon.

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