Best and Worst Oils for Health

As the research builds on the dramatic deleterious effects of vegetable oils on our bodies, we simply cannot ignore these damaging foods any longer. In this vital episode, we talk about how vegetable oils available in the UAE, Dubai and the world over are processed, and discuss how their extremely high PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) count means that they are highly susceptible to oxidization.

We list the many ways they can become oxidized before even reaching your kitchen, smoke points and hydrogenated fats. The effects these altered fat molecules are being shown to have on human health are then listed. We go on to list the safest possible fats and oils to heat or consume cold, and give you some tips about the safest packaging to buy your oils in!

If you would like some further reading on the topic, check out Vegetable Oil - More Directly Harmful than Sugar? 

And Vegetable Oil vs Trans Fat

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