3 Top Tips For Lowering Blood Glucose With Matt

Keeping our blood glucose under control is extremely important for preventing pre-diabetes from setting in or for stopping diabetes from taking hold, in fact frequent blood glucose spikes even AGE us faster, diabetes or not! Not to mention making us more susceptible to viruses and pathogens, and less capable of fighting them once they take hold!

In this video Matt give his top 3 actionable tips for keeping blood glucose levels steady… Thanks Matt!

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Hello everybody, welcome to the second video with me, this time it’s me standing after the first video was about being too sedentary and I was literally sitting down talking to you. So progress has been made!

Now to the second video, this video is about keeping glucose levels down or low since it is world diabetes awareness month, it’s a good topic to talk about.

Before I start, this is by no means medical advice, keep this in mind.

And now we go into three things to do or not to do to avoid keeping those glucose spikes really.

Number one, something not to do, and it’s probably the most effective way to keep those levels down is by not eating. We’re talking about fasting. You want to incorporate fasting in order to keep your levels down. There’s certainly different ways, sixteen to eight, twenty four hour, there’s a prolonged fast, forty eight hour, seventy two hours, there’s really no limit to it and there is also very little side to it your glucose levels will eventually level at some point it’s not really dangerous in my eyes.

But again this is not medical advice.

What matters is how you break your fast, you want to make sure you keep the ingredients of your first meal mainly to protein and fat really.

Number two is something to do it is to move, especially after meals, after you had your breakfast, lunch or dinner just go for a 10 minute brisk walk, glucose levels will go down. This is a good way after eating to make sure that your body gets some good rest especially before going to bed.

And then number three, this is again something not to do, avoid snacking throughout the day.

We have three main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you’re already fasting and you’re probably going to skip one of those, make sure that if you have breakfast, if you have lunch or if you have dinner that you already eat enough food and you won’t be hungry in between and there’s no need for snacks. It does not really make a difference in my eyes if it’s a keto snack or if it’s a normal snack especially if it’s something sweet or a thing that triggers reactions in the body. And snacking can eventually raise blood glucose and since we’re talking about keeping it down, this is my tip number three.

It’s fasting, not eating, it’s moving especially after meals, and it’s avoiding snacks.

These are my three tips for you, I hope you could take something out of this,

Thank you to much and see you soon.

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