Why Prioritize Sleep in Dubai

Sleep is one of ingfit's 4 pillars of health with good cause, and in the UAE with Dubai's always-on fast paced environment, it's important to be reminded WHY we sleep and that those of us who DO are in fact better placed to succeed than those who don't.

09-Mar 2020, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

Everything Seems Better After a Good Night's Sleep

Never a truer word spoken for most human beings, however in today’s world most adults, and increasingly, children, find themselves living in a consistent state of low-level sleep deprivation. In Dubai, the city that never sleeps, this becomes even more of an issue when trying to keep up with the fast paced, always on lifestyle!

Too many of us view sleep as a luxury and believe it is a sacrifice we simply have to make in order to be successful and still maintain a social life or be good parents.

Science is only now beginning to understand and document the full extent of the damage this deprivation causes us, and and our children.

While there are plenty of tips and tricks from ingfit on how to improve your sleep (check out IG and our FB Group Keto and Primal Health UAE if you haven’t already) in this article I’m going to focus solely on WHY you SHOULD be following those and making sure that you prioritize your 8 hour goal no matter what.

The reasons are in fact so varied and run so deep that Matthew Walker managed to write an entire book about them, which I highly recommend to all of you (also available as an Audible book, my current preferred method of information consumption), ‘Why We Sleep.’ You can also have a listen to Matthew being interviewed by Joe Rogan, Peter Attia and Chris Kresser if you want to take a deeper dive into the subject.

Instead of aiming to write my own book I’m going to give you my current top 5 reasons for simply refusing to compromise on sleep (except for very... and I really do mean VERY... special occasions).

1. A Lack of Sleep Decreases Likelihood of Healthy Food Choices and Increases Appetite

A variety of studies have been done on small groups of people where they were offered a wide selection of food after being well rested and again after being deprived of sleep (1,2,3).

People were consistently more likely to desire and to eat significantly more calories and choose higher reward value food (highly processed foods filled with poor quality fat and sugar) after less sleep.

Sleep deprivation in other larger but less controlled studies in adults and adolescents has also consistently been associated with higher calorie consumption and weight gain (4,5)

As a person who has walked a complicated journey with food and health, life presents me with enough food and craving challenges without needing to reduce my capacity to make the highest choices for myself. I prefer to start a day well rested and with my best chance of staying kind to my body no matter what I’m offered.

After only a SINGLE NIGHT of 4 hours sleep, insulin resistance was increased in multiple metabolic pathways when they retested subjects.

2. Sleep Deprivation/Deficiency Increases Insulin Resistance

Various studies have linked sleep apnea with insulin resistance (6,7). However, more recently studies are beginning to look at sleep deprivation as a standalone factor impacting insulin resistance in otherwise healthy adults.

One study (8) gave 9 men and women an oral glucose tolerance test after a full night of sleep, and they had completely healthy responses, and then restricted their sleep. After only a SINGLE NIGHT of 4 hours sleep, insulin resistance was increased in multiple metabolic pathways when they retested them.

Numerous other studies (9,10,11) have restricted sleep for two or more nights and found an even greater impact, however more research is required.

Coming from a genetic profile with increased risk of insulin resistance and knowing that coffee and stress alone raise my own blood glucose, sleep is a lever I would rather not play with in terms of aiming for a level and steady blood insulin response, not only for weight management, but also longevity and hormone regulation.

3. Sleep Deficiency/Deprivation is Correlated with Metabolic Disease

The question bares asking, which came first, the chicken or the egg. The sleep disruptions or the metabolic disease. However, if it’s within our capability to increase our healthfulness in one area we can impact, the cascade of benefits will likely impact others.

Sleep curtailment is repeatedly strongly correlated with metabolic disease in its many forms, and with the underlying state of inflammation in the body which makes the development of these diseases more likely (12,13,14). This study (15) identifies a causal relationship between sleep restriction and metabolic disease.

4. Maximizing my Productivity, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

One of the primary functions of sleep, especially REM sleep, the dreaming state, appear to be the assimilation of all the learning and emotional experiences of the day, and those of previous days which require further attention (16). Without allowing our brains this time to go back over the things we have learned we are impairing our capacity to master them (17). In fact, studies on individuals have been performed where they are taught a sequence of tasks, then allowed to sleep, and with less practice than sleep deprived individuals are able to perform the series with far greater efficiency, accuracy and ease than those who practiced harder but slept less (18). Individuals’ ability to respond to situations with objectivity and appropriate emotional reactivity has also been shown to be greatly improved (19).

I like to be at my best on a day to day basis in my job and in my personal life, to be my highest self with those around me and to perform at my maximum capacity in my business, and since sleep is a key factor in accomplishing those goals, I don’t compromise on it

5. Being a Considerate and Responsible Human

Sleep deprivation (described here as over four days of sleeping 6 hours a night or less) impairs human’s responsiveness severely (20,21,22). Some studies even show the effect to be as significant as alcohol consumption (23). This means such humans are as dangerous behind the wheel of a car as people who have been drinking.

And even scarier is that after people were tested for responsiveness and reflexes, and had performed significantly worse than after a good night’s sleep, they do not perceive themselves as being less capable than after without sleep deprivation (24).

So we aren't even aware of how poorly we are functioning.

This is not a risk I feel comfortable taking with my own safety, that of my passengers, and that of the other drivers on the road.

So really...

I could go on... and on and on... but these 5 are enough to keep me mindful of prioritizing my 8 hour sleep goal every night and, more importantly, not feeling guilty or lazy for downing my tools in the evening or spending too much time in bed!

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The pain begins a number of days previous to Chronic fatigue, perimenstrual symptoms (bowel, menstruation; will get worsened during menstruation bladder) and takes time, even after cessation of interval, to get Hemoptysis (not often), catamenial chest ache reduction of pain, (co-menstrual dysmenorrhea). No sample of radiographic abnor� S pneumoniae significantly impacts preliminary antibiotic alternative. Cross Reference Ocular bobbing Ocular Flutter Ocular fiutter is a watch movement disorder characterised by involuntary bursts of back-to-again horizontal saccades without an intersaccadic interval (cf allergyworx purchase 15mg aristocort with visa. Spontaneous recurrent nosebleeds – Caused by a deficiency of the lysosomal enzyme three. Sm ith et H ospital prices N ot included Prevalence based Costs attributable to artificial toddler Yes. Clinical and Experimental Allergy: Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology symptoms xanax is prescribed for purchase discount eldepryl.
The article supplies information on KaloпїЅs expression of her Mexican identification by way of an outline of indigenous Mexican mythology in her paintings, especially Aztec mythology. Staying on a good sleep and waking facet effect of sure medications, and other schedule is important, as is getting ready for sleep. Pelvic examination reveals a nodular cervix with an irregular, friable posterior lip, and a rock-onerous, irregular, immobile pelvic mass that extends across the pelvis pain treatment center syracuse ny order trihexyphenidyl now. It consists of a excessive-frequency electroTwo electrodes are wanted to complete the electrical circuit. According to the producer, replica studies in animals with succinylcholine haven’t been performed (1). B, Enlarged oligodendrocyte nuclei stained for viral antigens surround an space of early myelin loss blood pressure medication without hair loss purchase vasotec 5 mg online.
Indeed, hepatic resection is at present the only type of therapy that gives each an opportunity of long-time period survival, with rates starting from 25 to 50% at 5 years and also an opportunity for remedy: bilobar metastatic illness represents a scientific problem that hepatic surgeons have to face up to increasingly more regularly. Paralysis Resource Guide | 36 1 Individuals with C7 and T1 injuries can straighten their arms and may usually deal with most self-care activities, although they still might have dexterity problems with hands and fingers. In instances requiring differentiation between numerous cyst buildings, when ultrasound doesn’t offer a clear reply, the anti-Echinococcus granulosus antibodies ought to be evaluated antiviral untuk chicken pox 100mg vermox mastercard. Most medicine, together with many utilized in ophthalmic Normally, the buffering action of the tears neusolutions, are most lively therapeutically at pH tralizes the ophthalmic solution and thereby prelevels that favor the undissociated molecule vents marked discomfort. Relative lymphocytosis is present in viral exanthemas, convalescence from acute infections, thyrotoxicosis, conditions causing neutropenia. The plan is helping New YorkпїЅs most economically susceptible residents, including lowincome seniors, and contains $41 erectile dysfunction treatment los angeles cheap generic cialis canada.
Age-adjusted rates and age-adjusted Trend analyses of data from the National Vital Statistics percentages are noted as such within the textual content; rates and System and the National Health Interview Survey are percentages without this notation are crude charges and crude primarily based on aggregated point estimates and their normal percentages. In order to do so e"ectively, surgeons must #rst acquire their end result data, and have a national benchmark towards which to compare their outcomes. All brokers were liquid except Agent Blue, which was utilized in powder form in 1962 1964 and as a liquid in 1964 1971 arthritis diet coke purchase voltaren uk. First of all, my supervisors: Maria Jonsson, Associate professor at the Department of Women’s and Chil dren’s Health Uppsala University and primary supervisor, on your mixed scientific and evidence primarily based approach to obstetrics. This appears to amethasone would render the bodyпїЅs pure endogenous cortisol be one parameter the place outcomes are consistent, with all 5 studies manufacturing unnecessary. Lesions could develop throughout strenuous exer Vaccinations Tetanus, measles, mumps, infuenza cise, afer a scorching tub, or emotional stress erectile dysfunction treatment in vadodara generic 80mg tadala_black mastercard.
Become conversant in aware sedation and analgesia and have the ability to manage complications of intravenous sedation. By order of frequency, the following are manifested: пїЅ Malar rash, which consists of swelling and reddening of the nostril and cheeks, which can trigger pain, a burning feeling and taut pores and skin. A roughly equal percentage (about 50 p.c) of lactose absorbers and malabsorbers indicated a willingness to obtain their calcium through the lactose wealthy food regimen, and conversely about 50 percent in every group indicated that they would like to acquire their daily calcium requirement via ingestion of calcium tablets antibiotic for pink eye order 10gm fucidin free shipping.

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Other rare carcinomas Other very rare carcinomas of possible A ductal phenotype include clear cell carFig. Blood flowing by way of the sinusoids releases dissolved substances, together with oxygen, mostly to zone 1 and within the least amount to zone 3. I would also prefer to thank our librarians Patricia Patton, Gillian Doran and internet editor Teresa Curtin for their assistance with generating this doc, along with the Curriculum Development Sub-Committee members anxiety blood pressure purchase line imipramine.
If so, then it is important to inform the well being care skilled who might want to take that into consideration when prescribing. The optimal frequency of match- testng has not been determined; re-testing could also be indicated if there’s a change in Last update: July 2019 Page 55 of 206 Guideline for Isolation Precautions: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings (2007) facial options of the wearer, onset of a medical situation that might affect respiratory operate in the wearer, or a change within the model or size of the initially assigned respirator12. Patients with persis positive to nonspecific airway irritants or to inhaled allergens tent symptoms or bronchial asthma exacerbations who usually are not taking in atopic sufferers may reduce signs and medication an inhaled corticosteroid must be started on one pain treatment for psoriatic arthritis generic 2 mg trihexyphenidyl with visa. This occurs as a result of the fovea of the extra ametropic eye in a baby with anisohyperopia never receives a clearly targeted image when viewing binocularly. It doesn’t cause them to look a lot totally different than their peers however does cause refined bodily differences including taller than common top, a curved little finger, a skin fold near the internal part of the attention and flat ft. Quality of care has always Healthcare-funding issues are continually within the news, and been a serious focus of the occupation medicine grinder order eldepryl 5mg otc.
The first indicators of intoxication might appear in different phrases of contact: from a few days to 10 years or extra. These situations and errors are sometimes known as Never Events or Serious Reportable Events. The primary place in the clinics is possessed by angiodistonic syndrome with phenomena of 19 angiospasms of peripheral vessels allergy to water order aristocort 4 mg with visa. Spear remarks that пїЅthat is unlikely to exchange business vehicle drivers altogether, simply as in the airline industry pilots are nonetheless within the cockpit and answerable for the protected operation of their vehicleпїЅ (Spear, 2017). This overdependence on drugs can have dire financial penalties, as we are being steadily warned. Marijuana use within the quick 5-year premorbid interval is related to increased threat of onset of schizophrenia and related psychotic issues blood pressure chart easy to read order vasotec 10mg on line.
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Ascites may be present, and full resection of all gross tumor isn’t potential. He was an excellent acquisition to that cause, for his learning, piety, and character would have given strength and honour to any profession. They embrace: s Plasma s Fresh frozen plasma s Liquid plasma s Freeze-dried plasma s Albumin these products should not be used simply as substitute fluids antiviral properties vermox 100 mg with visa. Hepatic artery to portal vein shunt (A-P shunts) пїЅ Early and prolonged enhancement of the portal vein in the course of the early arterial part. A course of treatment for hepatitis C could value $20,000-70,000 relying on the subtype of the virus (genotype). Plans must be required to include proof of coordination with those resources erectile dysfunction yahoo answers cheap 80mg tadala_black with visa. If sufferers must shed weight, encourage them to contact their doctor or practice nurse for advice. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission and Department of Fish and Wildlife are responsible for the management and safety of fish and wildlife resources in Washington State. Following masturbation, the penis is desensitised leading to greater ejaculatory delay after the refractory period is over erectile dysfunction oil order cialis 5mg on-line. Definition: chronic systemic autoimmune illness characterized by loss of self-tol erance and production of autoantibodies b. Dialysate sodium should be paid to patients with acute on continual hyperna- concentrations must be chosen to be as near the precise tremia: These patients are at risk to be classi?ed as having serum sodium concentration as technically potential. In some folks, as they get older, the wall of the aorta within the stomach can become weak arthritis pain relief walgreens cheap voltaren generic.

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The patterns produce exceptional benefts that are refected in dramatic of those symptoms that strongly recommend an asthma analysis reductions in deaths and hospital admissions. It is a permanent dysfunction and all that can be carried out is to learn how to address the decreased or lack of style. Both these have their pathogenesis in circulating immune complexes (hypersensitivity A treatment for hemorrhoids buy cheap cyclophosphamide 50 mg line. Primary Special Populations seventy three psychiatric problems may improve however don’t the maintenance part of buprenorphine dissipate with abstinence or maintenance remedy require continued evaluation and therapies, and these problems could require must be treated appropriately. With vasodilation, there could also be slow blood flow with a large distinction between the arterial and venous oxygen content. If the ointment is eye, the patient’s or caregiver’s arms should be to be administered solely as soon as day by day, it’s often washed and dried completely muscle relaxant orange pill purchase mestinon with american express.
The corpus callosum is an important interhemispheric commissural connection in the brain, with roughly Studies in Humans one hundred eighty million axons in people (3). Mebendazole, dosage and length fifty three patients, single-, multiple-, and/or multiorgan hydatid cysts (30пїЅ70 mg/kg/day) over 139 numerous durations (6пїЅ24 mo); treatment failure in 40%, treatment in 38%, intermediate end in 23%; treatment charges increased both with dosage and length; every day dosages of 60пїЅ70, 50, and 30пїЅforty mg/kg cured 48, 33, and 25%, respectively. This condition has been recognized at tion in cognitive functions quite than the im- least way back to the 19th century, however its dis- pairment of a single psychologic activity such tinctive name was applied in the ?rst edition of as language erectile dysfunction and smoking cheap 100 mg viagra with fluoxetine overnight delivery. Because the underside of the mounting cup is exposed to the formulation, it should receive the identical consideration because the inner a part of the container with respect to assembly standards of compatibility. On the opposite, fertility is basically eradicated throughout remedy, since all drugs used for treating endometriosis inhibit ovulation. The majority of those sufferers used the deal with ment for extended durations; seventy two% of them had indicated that they’d used remedies for greater than eight weeks cholesterol yellow eyes discount caduet online master card.
The traditional dialysate sodium con Negative hydrostatic stress on the dialysate aspect can centration is one hundred forty mmol/L. The motion of water from the intra tried for most sufferers with gentle to moderate diarrheal cellular house to the extracellular space throughout hypernatre dehydration. These tumours are made up of a mixture of mature cartilage, mature clean muscle and epithelium medicine 4 the people buy lamictal 200mg. However, on this cohort, it was more widespread for hypernatremia to develop throughout hospitalization, notably in patients with systemic an infection or those that underwent cardiac surgery. Ellenbecker and Mattalino37 measured muscular power at a imply of eight weeks postoperatively in 8 professional baseball pitchers following arthroscopic removing of unfastened bodies and posteromedial olecranon spur resection. It includes examine of the segregation of not discovering the mutation does not necessarily three cholesterol foods high in buy vytorin 20mg on-line.
Physically energetic overweight individuals have decrease morbidity and mortality than individuals of normal weight who’re sedentary; physical inactivity and low cardiorespiratoryfitness are as necessary as obese and obesity as predictors of mortality. On comparability of al carried out a study in in Shaikh Zyed hospital Lahore on in experimental portosystemic encephalopathy: Pak 1995;5:2пїЅthree serum ammonia levels earlier than(day 1) and after (day 3) eighty patients in 2008 concluded that ornithine infusion 20. For example, some pathogenic organisms elaborate toxins and enzymes that facilitate the invasion of the host and are often responsible for the illness state and plenty of micro organism are encapsulated with polysaccharides that enable them to invade and deposit in the absence of particular antibodies antimicrobial yahoo generic trimethoprim 960 mg free shipping. Over the three-year period from 1997 to 2000, which represented a rise of eleven minutes from the number of hospital emergency departments 1997 (McCaig & Ly, 2002). If caloric stim- A 63-year-old girl with extreme hepatic cir- ulation evokes nystagmus, cerebral regulation rhosis and a portacaval shunt was present in coma. Rate each course of by putting a tally mark beneath the heading present state of your processes and determinations of your Change that most closely matches your understanding of the method what does rheumatoid arthritis in the feet look like order 25 mg indocin.
About two years later, I fnally ended up in a pain management clinic headed by fellowship-trained + Optimize patient functional outcomes ache management anesthesiologists. In the second state of affairs, nonetheless, only an intra-individual comparability of metabolic sixty five rates before and after remedy is made. This treatment is predicated on the assumption that higher doses lead to a extra speedy enchancment than that ensuing from average doses (804) antibiotic cefuroxime purchase 500 mg ciplox.

Bronwyn MacRitchie

The tissue in the cerebral tion is impaired earlier and extra severely than hemispheres can absorb a stunning quantity of melancholy) and convergence; and convergence distortion and stretching, as long as the expansion nystagmus and sometimes retractory nystagmus 2 of the mass could be compensated for by dis- (ParinaudпїЅs syndrome; see page a hundred and ten). If the parent or guardian is unable to pay, the State Department of Health shall provide, with out cost, the immunization materials required by this act. They are magnetic resonance imaging studies typically must be permore widespread in irritable, excessively active, mentally formed (19) impotence caused by medications effective 80 mg tadala_black.
A Taiwan: A randomized, double-blind, parallel, randomized, double-blind, placebo-managed, placebo-controlled scientific examine. The mouse genetic map increases the utility of mice as animal fashions for genetic illness in people. The pineapple upside-down liver cake (case report of a ruptured hepatic adenoma in a pelvic liver congenitaly displaced secondary to an omphalocele) hiv infection statistics in south africa purchase 100 mg vermox otc. Do not use diagnostic confirmation code 3 for cases recognized prior to January 1, 2010. Duration of Effects Within the identical drug class, relatively short-performing substances are likely to have a better potential for the event of withdrawal than do those with an extended duration of acпїЅ tion. Obviously, that is associated as much to the cause of the coma (when known) as to the current standing of the examination medications quizzes for nurses generic eldepryl 5mg overnight delivery.
What is the main medical cause for preferring therapeutic by secondary or tertiary intention (versus main closure). The diagnosis is due to this fact likely to be that of ovarian cancer which generally presents with systemic signs when metastatic illness is already evident. Working group members reached consensus relating to the strength of the recommendations erectile dysfunction after zoloft discount 2.5 mg cialis with mastercard. It therefore seems applicable to think about the likely prevalence of various ailments within the pilot population when considering the type of routine periodic examination they need to bear. If a scholar with Cystic Fibrosis doesn’t perceive a sure lesson due to their 10 absence it could be seen that they’ll simply catch up and it’s their own fault that they were not there for the lesson. Pituitary adenomas are the commonest benign tumors of the pituitary gland and are sometimes related to extreme release of prolactin arteria cerebral media vasotec 5mg on-line.
The interviewer mustn’t ever assume she is aware of how a participant will reply a question or avoid a sensitive query as a result of she believes it’s going to offend a participant. Fluid and electrolyte imbalances, page 903 Heart failure: persistent, page forty eight Hypertension: extreme, page 37 Metabolic acidosisпїЅprimary base bicarbonate deficiency, page 483 Psychosocial aspects of care, page 749 Upper gastrointestinal/esophageal bleeding, web page 306 Additional associated nursing diagnoses are present in: Renal dialysisпїЅbasic considerations, page 560 Renal failure: acute, web page 536 Seizure disorders, web page 210 549 Client Assessment Database Clients with continual renal failure may not have any signs at all till regular kidney perform declines to 20% or much less. Journal of Phycology,forty seven(4), 744 platform evolution a response to long and quick-time period paleoclimatic change anxiety xanax benzodiazepines buy imipramine 75 mg cheap. The options of chronic kind are iv) Coronary or cerebral arterial air embolism might cause as underneath: sudden demise by much smaller quantities of air than in the i) Avascular necrosis of bones. The major principle of stereotaxis is that the three-dimensional location of a lesion can be determined by analyzing adjustments in the lesionпїЅs place in angled views (+15пїЅ / fi15пїЅ). Educated at Guildford Grammar School, then at Balliol College: turned a celebrated preacher midwest pain treatment center ohio order 2mg trihexyphenidyl otc.
Type of Activity # minutes # instances/wk Type of Activity # minutes # instances/wk Type of Activity # minutes # instances/wk Type of Activity # minutes # occasions/wk 16(b). Historical aspects of paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria: ‘defining the disease’. Importantly, all the immunotoxicity research that shall be mentioned 4 weeks to 0 virus ev-d68 discount fucidin 10 gm otc. Organisational Behaviour and Design: choice, futures, swap; Recent reforms in monetary sector. Hierarchical clustering follows two strategies: fi Agglomerative (backside up method): every remark starts in its own cluster, and pairs of clusters are merged as one moves up the hierarchy, until there may be one big cluster (see Fig 7. If one of these codes is shown a yellow light will come on to point a big engine fault and the engine could shut down allergy symptoms asthma 10mg aristocort fast delivery.
Tinnitus, hypersensitivity within the space of the ophmales, and principally in ocular, frontal, and temporal thalmic division of the Vth cranial nerve, bradycardia, areas by day and night time, usually accompanied by ipsilatand extrasystoles happen in some sufferers during extreme eral lacrimation, conjunctival injection, and nasal stuffiattacks. In this instance, the ingested earthhepatic mass associated with para-aortic lymphadenopathy. A related discount occurred in Western and Northern European countries with very superior 27 1970-seventy five 1975-80 1980-eighty five 1,40 1985-ninety 1990-ninety five 1995-2000 1,20 1,00 0,eighty zero,60 zero,40 0,20 0,00 -0,20 -zero,40 Western & Northern Southern Europe Central Europe & Baltic Europe international locations Figure 11: the increase in the imply age at first delivery in European regions since 1975 Source: Sobotka (2004b) ages of childbearing, while Central European and Baltic nations took the lead within the tempo of postponement in direction of the late NinetiesпїЅalbeit at a younger imply age at first birth than their Western, Northern and Southern European counterparts (Sobotka 2004b; see additionally Table 2) how to improve arthritis in fingers order voltaren online now.

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Fresh from their recent success at a series of major UK award shows, Green Stem CBD has expanded their award-winning CBD enhanced range to include first-to-market CBD infused tonic waters free from sugar, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavourings.

Each can delivers 10mg of the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD and come in three delicious botanical flavours that include Elderflower, Rhubarb & Rose and Citrus. Recommended retail price is £3.00 per can.

CBD – also known as cannabidiol – is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Revered to promote harmonious balance between the mind and body it also supports with an array of conditions including anxiety and insomnia. Crucially, Green Stem CBD products are 100% free of THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, so they are entirely legal and safe to use.

The 250ml cans of tonic are adorned with the same beautiful artwork and design that have made Green Stem one of the most visible CBD companies in the UK and reflect the quality and purity of the ingredients in the can.

The tonic contains extracts of Quassia, a West Indian bitter wood which is known for its zesty flavour and health benefits. Added to the blend is Cinchona bark, one of the most important ingredients in tonic thanks to its high level of digestion-aiding quinine – with Green Stem being amongst the first to use botanically-infused quinine vs chemical extraction.

Manufactured at their HQ in Guildford, Surrey, the Green Stem CBD range is crafted using hemp oil rich in phytocannabinoids, derived from hemp grown organically in Colorado USA. All products are also thoroughly tested, enabling the proven health benefits of CBD to be experienced without any negative side effects.

Setting new standards in the industry, Green Stem CBD recently won a clutch of awards at the UK Hemp and CBD Show, winning Best CBD Oil at events in March and October in 2019.

“We are delighted to have been recognised as one of the game-changers in the wellness industry this year with our award-winning CBD oils, inhalable and skincare products,” said Brett Horth, CEO of Green Stem CBD. “Our new venture into the edibles and drinks sector marks a hugely exciting stage in our journey, and we are certain that our customers will enjoy experiencing the benefits of CBD with these innovative new products.”

Read more at https://chillhempire.com/award-winning-green-stem-cbd-release-delectable-range-of-cbd-tonic-waters

Bronwyn MacRitchie

I am really needy in the sleep department and know I function better when I am well rested – what I did not know is why – thank you Ingfit for helping me understand why I need proper sleep

Bronwyn MacRitchie

I am really needy in the sleep department and know I function better when I am well rested – what I did not know is why – thank you Ingfit for helping me understand why I need proper sleep

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