The Ultimate Guide To Getting Back Into Keto

Our tried and tested ultimate system to get you back on to keto and into the best shape of your life.

15-Aug 2022, by Lee Sandwith

How To Get Back Into Keto

Like I advise my coaching clients, our personal wellness journey is a process and as well as being disciplined, it’s also important to enjoy life.

Living life

I strongly advocate the Pareto Principle: the 80/20 rule.

In the context of nutrition, that means being super disciplined for 80% of the time, and a bit looser for the remaining 20%. To be honest, it’s more like 90/10 for me but who’s counting 🫣.

That means that we need to train ourselves to be comfortable to occasionally indulge in some less than healthy foods. As with everything else in life, it’s about balance.

Being comfortable enough to cheat, yet disciplined enough to dial things back in before things spiral out of control, is what I consider to be the most important skill to master.

And then we have the summer holidays, when 80/20 slips to 70/30, then 60/40, then all the way down to 0/100.

But that’s ok.

There’s no better time to indulge than the summer holidays, you owe it to yourself and your family to enjoy a break. The trick is to get things back on track and forge that pre-summer healthy routine.

Personally, Alice and I have been enjoying a few weeks away in the UK, the first time we’ve left the UAE in over 3 years. And with that, we’ve been enjoying ourselves and, let’s be honest, indulging a little bit too much.

We never completely let loose though and we’re even more active in the UK than we are back in the UAE. But we definitely enjoy ourselves with some less than healthy foods and more calories than we normally allow ourselves.

But as our summer holidays are to drawing to a close we’re starting to put some thought into our return to the UAE, and to getting things back on track.

I have a very simple tried and tested system which I’ve been using for the last 15 years which I have decided to share with you all in this article.

It’s what’s kept me in great shape since I lost over 20kg in body fat and it works every time.


People talk about mindset all the time and it means very different things to different people. It’s a bit annoying as it’s very subjective and difficult to derive: the difference between the “what”, “why” and the “how”.

Here are my top three mindset tips – they are foundational and help us reconcile the “why” with the “how”:

Understand your goals

All have my clients have very deep routed objectives driving their decision to try to lose weight.

It usually stems from something deep inside regarding family, especially the desire to be a good role model for kids, and to have the ability to spend active time with them.

The first thing I do with my clients is to get them to write down their objectives. Once you write them down they’re more real.
Don’t lose sight of your ultimate goals.

Think long-term

The most fundamental flaw I see with a large percentage of people is that they’re looking for a quick fix.

This sets you up for long-term failure and it’s a very delusional approach.

What I can 100% guarantee is that if you lose weight quickly, then go back to your old ways, you’ll go back to your old size.

You need to programme your mind into accepting that the decision to jump on the health and wellness train is a permanent one.

It’s a life-long project and a process.

Understand that success is not a straight line

People have a bad day, week or month and they give up. That’s insane!

If you follow the second principle, you already understand that optimising your health is a life-long project.

Falling off the wagon is natural but getting back up when you’ve had a fall is the key to success.

A very simple trick to dealing with a slip is this: don’t allow yourself to have two bad days in a row.

Freshen up your knowledge

Even as a nutritionist I have to constantly refresh my knowledge on subjects.

Before I completed my Masters Degree, I honestly thought that I had a very good grasp on nutritional science.

But after I graduated, I was completely humbled into the realisation that, in the grand scheme of things, I know nothing.

We should always stay humble to the fact that we are all students of the game.

Don’t hang on to your opinions for dear life and always leave room for the possibility that a competing opinion on a given subject may be correct.

Stay open, stay humble.

We have released educational content on a wide range of subjected to help you freshen up.

Firstly, I personally spent hours publishing videos on our YouTube channel. Keto 101 covers the more basic aspects while Keto 102 is a bit more advanced.

Secondly, there are several articles which may help you get back on the keto train quickly:

Clear out your pantry and go shopping!

Purging your cupboards of all nasties is a great thing to do as it completely removes temptation.

Instead, stock up on all of your favourite keto alternatives. There are lots of places to find keto products in the UAE now, but obviously we’d prefer it is you chose ingfit 🫢.

We have an awesome range including keto bread, keto pasta, keto snacks, keto chocolate, keto desserts, sweeteners and much more.

Track things

Lots of people seem to think calories don’t matter on keto. As a nutrition professional, I can guaranteed that this is crazy talk.

Personally, I think there is a slight misunderstanding here and that people are confused between “calories don’t matter” and “I don’t have to track calories”.

But instead of tracking calories, people are tracking carbs, and by using an app such as Carb Manager, you’re tracking calories by default anyway.

My professional opinion is that tracking things is great. It keeps us honest and allows us to measure success through empirical data.

In the context of health, wellness and longevity, we should track as much as we possibly can: weight, calories, body fat percentage, muscle mass, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, insulin, everything!

Obviously it’s possible to take things too far and get super obsessive about this, which can lead to conditions such as Orthorexia, but having a measured approach to tracking is a good thing.

Engage in community

Research has shown that, when it comes to weight loss, people who engage in a community are much more likely to succeed.

There are a number of benefits.

Firstly, knowing that lots of people are going through the same things offers a great degree of comfort. It’s true, you’re not alone, everyone is a work in progress.

Secondly, there are people out there with more knowledge than you so if you have an issue, you can guarantee that there’s someone out there who can help.

Thirdly, and probably most powerfully, research has shown that sharing your goals in public leads to a greater chance of success.

We have a great community on Facebook in our group, Keto and Primal Health UAE.

It’s sponsored by ingfit but is managed completely independently and there are thousands of really lovely, inspirational and support people there.

Need more help?

If you’re new to this stuff, or you’re struggling to succeed, you may benefit from a helping hand. We have lots of awesome health coaches in our community and you can book in for a free chat with me anytime.

About the Author

Lee Sandwith holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. You can book a free 30 minute consultation with Lee here.

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