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The keto diet is one which encourages the body to switch its main fuel source from glucose to ketone bodies through the process of ketogenesis..

13-Nov 2022, by Lee Sandwith

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Why is this important?

Since starting my keto journey, I have voraciously shared my opinions on how we should define a ketogenic diet.

This is because, in my humble opinion as a qualified nutritionist, many people have a fundamental misunderstanding about what a keto diet even is.

Let me start by adding a little colour to that statement.

What is keto anyway?

The word keto comes from the scientific term ketogenesis, which is a metabolic state where the body starts to produce molecules called ketone bodies which are used for fuel instead of glucose.

The body does this by using fat as the main energy source instead of carbs, essentially by converting fat into ketone bodies.

When we talk about fat, we’re talking about two things: (i) dietary fat, i.e. any fat that you consume in the diet; (ii) adipose tissue, which is a fancy term for body fat.

The keto diet, therefore, is one which encourages the body to switch its main fuel source from glucose to ketones through the process of ketogenesis.

Different types of keto

Even though ketogenesis is only one metabolic process, there are too many variations of the diet to count. I for one do not think this is very helpful in the grand scheme of things, which I explained in detail in this article.

The terms strict keto and clean keto are the terms that annoy me the most, primarily because these variations result in the incorrect restriction of ingredients.

We hear time and time again that products are “not keto” because they include certain ingredients, the most common villains being things like gluten and vegetable oil.

Let me be very clear on this.

Consuming gluten or vegetable oil does not have any impact on the metabolic state of ketosis. This is not an opinion, it is scientific fact.

Therefore, the conversation about whether products including these ingredients are keto or not is painfully distracting.

From a purely ketogenic standpoint, the only thing that matters is the carb count in the context of your own carb tolerance.

Individual ingredients are practically irrelevant in this context.

This applies to practically every ingredient including “banned” natural sweeteners like dates and honey.

What does this mean for ingfit products?

Our classification of products as being keto friendly or not has been in place since 2018.

It’s very simple: if a serving of a product includes less than 5g net carbs, we class it as keto friendly.

This is completely independent of the ingredients included, it just a measure on whether the product could easily fit within a well formulated keto diet.

This means that a small number of our keto products include natural sweeteners such as dates and honey, but if the serving is less than 5g net carbs, it’s always going to be a super miniscule amount.

The dose is the poison and all that.

It’s important to note that there are several ingredients that are completely banned on our website due to health concerns. Specifically, these are any kind of vegetable or seed oil; maltodextrin and maltitol and any artificial sweeteners.

Our new clean keto solution!

With that being said, we do understand that some people are very strict keto so we’ve decided to come up with a compromise.

As a solution, we have created a new collection of “clean keto” products, defined as:

  • Very low net carbs (less than 5g per serving)
  • No gluten
  • No natural sweeteners such as honey, dates or coconut sugar.
  • As with our entire range, no maltitol, maltodextrin, artificial sweeteners or any vegetable or seed oil whatsoever.

To view our clean keto section, you’ll need to use our filters on browser (desktop and mobile), or view the specific collection in the mobile app.

About the Author

Lee Sandwith holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. You can book a free 30 minute consultation with Lee here.

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