Keeping Food Choices Simple and Real with Matt

15-Dec 2020, by Matthias Schmidt

Thinking About What to Eat?

Don't think too hard. Food is your fuel and doesn't have to be complicated and you don't have to eat something different every day.

A good way to eat delicious food throughout the week is to meal prep on weekends. I do this a lot and I have a fallback meal that I will never get tired of.

More Details?

Goulash or beef stew is my go-to, easy to prepare favorite dish. One day I eat it as I made it, the next day I might add whipping cream and some minced crumble, the next day I might add Sauerkraut. Same basis, different outcomes…sometimes I even add some rice on days where I have had a hard workout.

I also always have home cooked beef patties and minced crumble in the fridge which can be eaten just like that (cold with mustard), it can be heated and be eaten with eggs, some veggies (sautéed onions and mushrooms mixed with mince crumble and whipping cream is a winner btw) and pretty much everything you think will go with it. I am literally getting hungry as I am writing this now. Well, not really but I could eat it now anyway.

I won’t though as I am fasting today and that is something else you can easily do. Don’t know what to eat? Skip a meal every now and then. It won’t do any harm; you will not starve and your body can deal just fine with it. This would always be my go-to choice especially when in the office and only take-out is available. Maybe this is just me, but I don’t necessarily trust take away/ ordered food and what ingredients were used, especially oils.

Make special plans around certain occasions (depending what you are celebrating) and keep it simple throughout other times. Stick to satiating main meals, I guess we all have a clear understanding what this means don’t we? Just in case there is any doubt, it means eat real, whole food whenever possible and to look at the other side of the medal, that means avoid processed foods. Especially the oils, carbs and sugars. I am also not a big fan of artificial sweeteners, if you must have something sweet then they are probably the better choice, but they also might spike your insulin more than you would think. That’s what the special occasions are there for as well. Do treat yourself at times but a starter and/or dessert is not what your everyday meals should include.

We have without doubt reached an area of overconsumption, there is literally too much of everything including too many choices when it comes to food. Always think about you first, how does food make you feel, whilst and after eating it? How long does it keep you satiated? What are your goals? Where are you currently at? Are you really hungry? I try and keep it simple with real, whole foods, mainly animal based, mixed with some veggies to my liking and I do have some carbs every now and then too.

That’s it for this year. Have a good start into 2021 and enjoy the upcoming holidays.

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