How to Make the FASTEST Impact on Your Health Markers Quickly and Easily

Movement. It's one of ingfit's 4 pillars of health for a very good reason! In this article I revisit HOW to make the fastest impact on your health markers by prioritizing movement, and look at some great tips and tricks to get started and motivated. While you may already be exercising, there are probably some nuggets in here you didn't know yet, so read on!  

07-Oct 2020, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

Nature's Medicine

Meet movement and exercise! Nature’s most undervalued and UNDERUSED antidotes to SEVERAL physical health problems, not to mention mental health concerns. The cascade of cellular responses to movement are only beginning to be understood by science, but the ability to benefit from these incredible responses in our bodies is RIGHT HERE!

Why Aren't We Moving?

Probably one of the saddest things that has happened to our species as we have become less physically active in our jobs is that the endless sedentary entertainment in our TVs, devices and phones has increased too. And suddenly movement is no longer an intrinsic part of our day to day lives but rather something that we have to actively timetable in.

By nature, we are designed to conserve energy for times we may need it, which, when physical danger we might need to escape from was a relevant threat on a daily basis, and we had to expend a large amount of energy to hunt or gather food, was an excellent strategy. However, in today’s world where we literally need to tap a finger for the most hyper calorific meal our ancestors could never have dreamed up to arrive at our doorstep (ok so we have to stand up to walk to the door to fetch it, unless we have someone we pay to do that), this drive to conserve energy is working AGAINST us rather than FOR us. Getting movement in requires motivation, sometimes a WHOLE LOT of motivation.

And THEN the messaging around the need for exercise has been strongly linked to the weight loss industry. So many of us assume that if we aren’t concerned about our weight (perhaps we are naturally slim or we are fond of our curvy shape), exercise and movement aren’t things we need to concern ourselves with.

Our bodies were MADE to MOVE. And when we don’t move them we are misusing them… and, as with diets containing harmful frankenfoods, misuse leads to deterioration. And deterioration leads to disease.

Exercise and Weight Loss - The TRUTH

In reality, exercise actually has very LITTLE IMPACT ON WEIGHT LOSS, but a wide-ranging impact on a variety of other important health markers. You will more frequently hear those in the know in the physique world stating that 'Abs are MADE in the gym, but REVEALED in the kitchen.'

While exercise ISN'T going to magically move the scales without the implementation of a nutritional strategy to go with it, movement is so powerful that it could be the difference between tipping the inflammation scale into disease or remaining healthy and well.

Movement and Disease

Our bodies were MADE to MOVE. And when we don’t move them we are misusing them… and, as with diets containing harmful frankenfoods, misuse leads to deterioration. And deterioration leads to disease.

It is interesting to note that the tissues in our feet and legs become insulin resistant faster than other tissues. This has been linked to the sedentary lifestyle that so often accompanies metabolic disease, and is the reason that in the end stages of type 2 diabetes.

BUT! This process and other deterioration can be slowed and even completely prevented by regular movement as study after study is consistently showing (1,2,3,4,5).

How to Make SURE Your Movement Makes a Difference

Going from a sedentary lifestyle to adding something as simple as a 30 minute walk daily at a moderate intensity FOR YOU can dramatically improve your blood markers for inflammation, insulin resistance, your HDL to Triglyceride ratio and more. That’s an amazing place to start! As well as including SOME movement at regular intervals throughout the day.

When clients mention to me that it’s too hot outside or they don’t want to get a gym membership, I remind them that there is nothing stopping them from walking INSIDE their houses or around their offices if needs be. Just to get started. Just to get MOVING.

You may be a fitness aficionado reading this and thinking to yourself, well I don’t need that because even though I sit behind a desk all day, I get a solid hour in the gym every morning or evening where I push myself to my limits!

Bad news… this lifestyle is not going to have NEARLY as positive an impact on your health finding a way to ensure that you incorporate movement throughout the day.

In fact, these extended periods of sitting are making you more prone and susceptible to injury when you are pushing yourself in the gym.

Motivation Tips and Tricks

A tactic that will make a significant difference to your cellular health is having a reminder to get up and move every hour. Wearing a step tracker such as a Fitbit is truly helpful here, as it will vibrate at the last ten minutes of the hour to remind you to stand up and get some steps in!

The other benefit of wearing a tracker is that you can set a step goal for the day, and by aiming to reach it you can ensure you plan movement into your breaks, perhaps park a little further from the entrance, and increase your motivation to take a break and respond when the hourly reminder comes.

Another awesome way to increase your motivation to meet your step goal is awesome, homegrown, UAE born app FITZE! FITZE rewards users for every step they take, so all you have to do is sync your fitness tracker or health app with the FITZE app and you earn FITZE coins to spend on awesome discounts and offers when you have enough! All for FREE! AND they have various challenges running which you can join, meet the challenge step goals and be in with a chance to win some really great prizes!

It sounds like I work for them, lol… I don’t! We are partners and they support us in our 14 Day Keto Challenge UAE in our FB group Keto and Primal Health UAE (if you haven't joined yet, yalla!). BUT I use this app on a daily basis and find their challenges motivational and fun!

There have certainly been moments where I may otherwise not have made those extra steps for the day if it wasn’t with a current challenge in mind.

Click here to download and start getting rewarded!

Meet Our ingfit Fitness and Wellness Ambassadors

At ingfit we believe firmly in the 4 pillars of health being nutriton, movement, sleep and stress management. This is one of the reasons we have recently welcomed our first two fitness ambassadors to our team.


Lauren Brush is Chicago born and raised and currently lives in Dubai, where she is an instructor at MOTION Cycling. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Les Mills and works full time for a strategic communications advisory firm.

Having walked her own inspirational health and wellness journey, believing firmly in the importance of all FOUR pillars of health, and LIVING them on a daily basis, Lauren is an absolutely perfect fit for our brand! Find her on IG here, and watch our channels for some great advice and motivation from her!


Matthias Schmidt is from Germany, and has been living in Dubai since 2003. Primal Health Coach Certified, and a living example of the importance of the implementing the four pillars of health, this is his passion and that’s where his journey is headed! ingfit is delighted to have him on board as his approach to being truly healthful is entirely aligned with our own!

Matt’s own journey started with IF, then to Keto, as he transformed, and learned more and more about the holes in the current health and nutrition guidelines, he decided to go for Primal Health as the ancestral way creates the highest level of wellness in his body. His day job remains for the time being in the world of events, where he is currently Head of Logistics at Filmmaster MEA. Follow Matt on IG here, and look out for his tips, tricks, advice and guidance on our channels too!


Finally, we want you to keep reminding yourself that the activities and foods YOU CHOOSE on a daily basis are TRULY impacting your long term health and wellness.

The ability to live not only a LONG life, but also a WELL life is firmly in your hands. Making incremental, small changes, the addition of small habits - like standing and walking for a few minutes an hour - DO impact your body on a cellular level and you CAN rewrite your health story if you so choose… and ingfit is here to cheer you on as you become TRULY HEALTHFUL too!


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