Being Super Sedentary in Dubai

10-Nov 2020, by Matthias Schmidt

A Little Comfort Zone Rant!

Let’s get out of ours. We all like to be in our comfort zone and believe me there are many different ones and I am certainly not guilt free.

Used and elevator today? Thought it is a bit hot outside? Tried to find a parking nearest to the entrance of the mall?

Why aren't we MOVING?

I just came back after spending 2 months in Germany and I have to say that we are somewhat lazier here. It just starts with the usage of elevators. Fair enough, some of us life in a high-rise building and/ or have to get to higher floors, but many of us take elevators even if it is just for 1 floor. In Germany that’s not even an option. Maybe in the latest buildings but people actually use stairs, a lot. I went back to where I train the other day, and this has actually bothered me before. The gym is on the Mezzanine floor and you either park outside or in the basement, so worst case you have to take 2 flights of stairs to go to the gym. Why would somebody take the elevator, it is beyond me, we are talking about going to the gym!

In general, we all need to walk/ move more on a daily basis. Let’s try and use some stairs. If you life in a high-rise building, try and get off 2 floors earlier (ofc not when you do groceries). If you go to the mall, beach, park, anywhere try not to drive around for an extra 5 minutes to find the nearest parking, but park far away to start with (again, not when you do weekly groceries). If you sit in the office, then don’t take a bottle of water to your desk. Take a glass and get up when you need a refill. You already went to the gym in the morning or you go straight after work? That’s no excuse to sit around all day either. If you can’t handle it maybe your gym session isn’t that good after all

Let’s get rid of those electric scooters everywhere and use good old bicycles again. That is exactly what we need, to move more not less. Our body is not made for sitting around all day but for moving around. Standing up, jumping, walking, running, getting out of breath once in a while. This will also make you sleep better and reduce stress oh and spoiler alert…just because you move more you don’t have to eat more!

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