5 Life Changing Weight Loss Hacks

5 weight loss hacks which are guaranteed to change your life and keep you in great shape forever.

18-Aug 2022, by Lee Sandwith

Weight Loss Hacks

In this article, I share a few simple weight loss hacks that have helped me over the years. They truly work and you can start today!

A Little Intro About Me

Before we get into my weight loss hacks, here’s a little bit of backstory: my “why”.

From my mid-teens into my late twenties, I have always struggled with my weight. It’s a family thing as many of us have experienced the same challenge.

This implies that it’s genetic.

I’ve qualified this as I have had my genetic profile done through 23&me and I have several snippets of the FTO polymorphism. It’s called the fat gene and places the bearers with a 30% increased chance of obesity.

Genetics is an easy out, though, and not one which I talk about often.

We know genetics plays a role as we all know people who eat everything and are stick thin.

But even people at greater risk of obesity through genetics can have the body that they dream of, it’s just harder.

The genetics thing came much later for me, it was some very simple things that worked.

Here’s how.

When I turned 30, I decided enough was enough and that it was time to finally deal with my weight issue.

I turned to books and educated myself of the nutrition and exercise basics. I learned about calories, macronutrients, squats and deadlifts.

Through making a few simple changes to my lifestyle, I managed to shed around 20kg within a matter of months.

This transformation honestly changed my entire life. It was a true sliding doors moment.

My confidence improved, I made more friends and I become much more extroverted, positive and generally better to be around.

I’ve managed to stay in great shape now for over 15 years and have never gone back to my old size.

When my friends and family saw my transformation, they all wanted to know my secrets.

I was asked by so many people, I decided to make things a little easier by creating a blog and an e-Book.

This is how ingfit started: it was about helping people who are going through the same things that I was. This is still central to our mission, your health is truly our business.

I talk about my transformation a lot on my Instagram channel so if you’d like to connect, this is probably the best place.

The fundamentals are the ones everyone will be familiar with, what we call our pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.

Beyond the basics, I have some rather distinct methods on which I place a high value.

With that, let’s get to my 5 weight loss hacks for this article. If you choose to implement them, I can guarantee that they will change your life.

Make eating ceremonial

We are social animals, designed to engage and connect with other human beings.

Food is central to this as it’s always been a major component of our survival as a species.

Many people often say that food is just fuel but I disagree.

Food is one of the most wonderous things we have in life. The tastes, textures and emotions that it makes us feel.

I’m a true believer that we should place a very high priority on making mealtimes ceremonial.

It brings our families together and allows us to appreciate not just the food, but the time we afford to break bread together (keto bread obvs).

This is central to the next few hacks.

Eat together, laugh together and share; enjoy each others’ company and be grateful for each other.

Our families are the most important thing we have, and food brings us together.

Prepare Your Own Meals

There are many benefits to preparing your own food and I talk about this all the time.

I believe that learning how to prepare your own meals is so important that I refuse to work with any clients who are not willing to make this change.

If you don’t, you honestly do not know what ingredients are in your meals. By preparing your own meals, you know exactly what’s in there and how many calories your consuming.

But that’s not what this is about.

Preparing meals is fun. It brings us together and is a great build up to the main event of mealtime.

At home, it’s only Alice and I as we have no children. But we make a point of taking a break from work and helping each other prepare our meals.

It gives us the opportunity to experiment and to take a break from the daily grind.

Let me close this section by categorically stating that 15 minute meal delivery is not the solution to the world’s obesity issue.

Practise conscious eating

Conscious eating is a popular hack, but what does it mean?

To be conscious about something is to be aware. In the context of food, it’s about being present while eating and not being distracted.

There are several things you can do to ensure you eat consciously.

Eat at the table

Eating at the table is such an obvious one but I find it baffling how many people eat on the sofa. Set the table and make it the centre piece to your mealtime, it will make a huge difference to your life.


Watching TV while eating pretty much guarantees that you’ll be distracted at mealtime. It’s the antithesis of conscious eating. We’ve all done it and experienced your meal disappearing in a flash.

No devices at the dinner table

Keep you iPhone off the table and have a conversation with your family. Checking your phone while eating is just as bad as watching TV on the sofa at mealtime.

Enjoy the texture and taste

Have you ever really concentrated on the texture and taste of foods? If you really think about it, you probably haven’t. Try describing the texture and taste as you’re enjoying your meal, it’s a great way to consciously eat.

Eat slowly

It’s a popular adage that it takes the brain 20 minutes to recognise that you’ve eaten.

For me, it’s much longer and takes around one hour. That often leaves me with the feeling that I haven’t eaten, especially if I eat too quickly.

There’s a whole science thing behind this too as it’s about satiety hormones sending signals to the brain.

Research has shown that slowing down your pace of eating can help you lose weight, manage stress and improve digestion (1,2).

It’s a no brainer really, but if you’re used to inhaling your food, how do you slow down?

Here’s a simple trick. At mealtimes, always try to finish last. Make it a competition in your family: first to finish loses.

Make it fun too.

We do it all of the time, at home and while eating out, and it really helps us to slow down and enjoy mealtimes.

Another trick is to chew more.

A 2019 study found that people who chewed their food 50 times consumed less energy at meal times, and those who chew only 15 times are at higher risk of obesity (3).

Walk after eating

Research has shown that, when it comes to weight loss, people who engage in a community are much more likely to succeed.

There are a number of benefits.

Firstly, knowing that lots of people are going through the same things offers a great degree of comfort. It’s true, you’re not alone, everyone is a work in progress.

Secondly, there are people out there with more knowledge than you so if you have an issue, you can guarantee that there’s someone out there who can help.

Thirdly, and probably most powerfully, research has shown that sharing your goals in public leads to a greater chance of success.

We have a great community on Facebook in our group, Keto and Primal Health UAE.

It’s sponsored by ingfit but is managed completely independently and there are thousands of really lovely, inspirational and support people there.

Need more help?

If you’re new to this stuff, or you’re struggling to succeed, you may benefit from a helping hand. We have lots of awesome health coaches in our community and you can book in for a free chat with me anytime.

About the Author

Lee Sandwith holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. You can book a free 30 minute consultation with Lee here.

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