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Hunter & Gather

Premium MCT Oil

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Hunter & Gather

Avocado Oil Mayonnaise

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Hunter & Gather

Avocado Oil

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Vitamins & Minerals

Sports Performance


Choose from a fine selection of high quality cheeses from around the world.

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Bone Broth

Detox and reboot with grass-fed, organic bone broth designed to aid weight loss, increase energy, and, above all, facilitate internal healing. In partnership with The Clean Living Company, the UAE's #1 for bone broth!

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Keto On!!

Welcome to the UAE's first one stop keto shop!!!

Our mission is to bring the best keto & primal health products to the UAE. Our team of health experts scours the earth for the world's best health products and we spend a LOT of time analysing ingredients to ensure all of our products meet our exceptionally high standards. If a product's in our portfolio, you can rest assured that it fits beautifully into a keto, LCHF or primal lifestyle.

We're 100% online and offer HOME DELIVERY across the UAE. With FREE SHIPPING on orders over AED 225 what's not to like?